JerseyMail email service to be discontinued

JerseyMail email service to be discontinued

Channel islanders using the popular JerseyMail email service will soon need to find an alternative.

The following message is currently posted on the JerseyMail website:

"On 18 August 2014, the JerseyMail service will be discontinued. However, starting from this date for the period of one year, you can opt to have your new JerseyMail emails forwarded to any alternative email addres that you nominate. There is no charge for this service. Alternatively, you can choose to close your JerseyMail account when the service is discontinued."
"You have up until 23:59 on 16 August 2014 to choose between having your new emails forwarded for one year, or closing your account."

JerseyMail was launched nearly 20 years ago and is a popular alternative to Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and other free to use email services in Jersey.

Paul Marett, Director of ICT at Jersey Post is quoted as saying,

"When large global players such as Gmail, iCloud Mail and Yahoo, can provide such comprehensive services for no charge to the user, it is no longer viable to operate small, public email systems."
"We have considered, and investigated, finding another provider to take on the service but without success. We feel that the best option for our users is to help them migrate to an alternative supplier and then provide a free email redirection service for the next twelve months which should give them plenty of time to inform contacts of their new email address."

What to do?

If you are affected by these changes it is a good example of why it is advisable to purchase your own domain name and run your own email service. Not only do you avoid the possibilities of your email service provider simply switching off their services, but you own all of your emails and data.

Domain names are readily available for only a few £'s per year and hosting your own emails is not as complicated or expensive as you might think.

If you're a business user now might be an ideal time to purchase a domain and switch to using your own email service.

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